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Hampshire Labradoodles





My husband and I along with our two children live in Clanfield in Hampshire.

We own 3 breading females and one male dog. The girls Bella, Maisie and Lulu are all related and are all second multi generation Labradoodles and also 50/50 Autralian. The newer adition is Lulu and she is to young to be bread at moment. We have close links to two of Lulu's sisters Florence & Poppy. They are owned by our sister & mum. The plan is for them to bread also when the time is right.


There are lots of photos of all the dogs on our website, you can see some photos of the stud dog Ludo who is pure australiain owned by Mary Summerfield and was brought in from the USA as a stud dog. We love hearing news and getting photos of our puppies from their new owners, it is interesting to see how they have progressed and developed. We also enjoy it when the puppies we have bred come back for a visit. We get a lot of enjoyment and satisfaction from what we do and we are making lots of families very happy. We are also very devoted to what we do and will constanly keep you updated with live webcam, website updates, email, youtube videos and photos. You are more than welcome to come and vist as many times as you want. We like you to form a bond with your puppies from day 1 and not have to worry how he is being brought up. We are very transparent.


All our dogs are very much part of the family. They all have great temperaments and are all brought up with children. All of our puppies are born and raised in our family home, we make sure the puppies are well socialised and become familiar with all household noises and activity. Most of the previous puppies have curly or wavy coats like their mothers, fathers and the rest of their family. Although the curly dogs should be suitable for allergy sufferers there is no guarantee and if you suffer from allergies you should take care and think seriously before taking on a puppy. It would be unfair to buy a puppy and then later have to give the dog away.


All of our dogs are health tested.  Our aim is to breed healthy family pets with wonderful temperaments. We will only have occasional litters, as our dogs are first and foremost family pets.


We endeavour to make sure that all the Labradoodles we breed go to five star homes.

We ask all of our prospective owners to fill in a short questionnaire so that we can then match each puppy to the most suitable home.  All homes will be vetted.


We do ask that new owners continue to insure their new puppy after the 4-week insurance expires.




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