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Hampshire Labradoodles

Hi this is Hampshire Labradoodles We sometimes find it hard to respond quickly to the many emails we receive and some also do get lost in the junk folder. It is preferable to speak initially by telephone. If, at that point, both sides are happy and there is a possibility of a puppy that fits your preferences, then we can add you to our list and arrange a visit. Our list is for all the upcoming litters and you can secure your position on that list. Should you wish to be more specific and want to join the list for a particular dog, then that too can be discussed, although it may mean a longer wait to get the puppy that completely fits your preference.

Once on a list, we then communicate via WhatsApp when we update you with photos and videos. Each litter has its own WhatsApp group which you will be invited to join. Many new puppy owners remain in contact via whatsApp and often meet up with other new owners and their puppies. 

We are very transparent and you are most welcome to talk to any of our previous owners in any of our groups in order to share their experience.


Have a good look around our website - below are links to our website.











Litters Due




Live webcam


Above is live webcam link




I am including a small collage of photographs showing the pen, whelp ing box and the environment of our dogs and puppies and some recent photographs of them.

We have a live HD webcam set up so the new owners can see the puppies whenever they wish and we can give you the link to this if there are puppies available.

We do like to send many videos and photos to each whatsApp group and we hope that this is reciprocated as we do like to know about the puppies' progress.


We use training mats in our pen and our whelping boxes have underfloor heating and overhead heat lamps.


Our puppies are born and weaned in our home and have two dedicated rooms in the house so that we are always close at hand. They have plenty of stimulation with toys and interaction with people and children so they become well socialised.

We introduce them to crates and they are at least 80% toilet trained to training mats when they leave us. There Whelping Box has underfloor heating. Some images below of whelping box and Pan.




Mum is wormed 25 days before birth and the puppies are wormed at 2, 5 and 7 weeks with the worming medication given to the new owners for the 9 week dose.

The puppies are chosen in most cases at 4 weeks old in order of the list. You will then bring a collar so you can identify your puppy on our webcam.


Some breeders spay/neuter their puppies before they leave at 8 weeks. We do not believe this practice is in the interest of the puppy, it is merely to prevent other people from breeding their dogs. We feel that this practice is based on greed and we would never do this. We feel it is your right to make decisions about your puppy and not our right to enforce sterilisation.


If you wish to breed from your dog, then you would need to pay the price of a breeding dog from us.


Our puppies are fed on high quality Science Plan puppy food. Should any puppy be a little small we can also recommend a special formula puppy food.


We have many recent photos which are not on our website but which can be seen on whatsApp. If you wish to see them please add me to your whatsApp or text me on 07843263573.

If you have a strong, particular preference, for example, a red boy with a fleecy coat, then we would direct you to the best list where this might be achieved. This might involve more of a wait to get the right puppy as we would not want to let you down.


Our puppies leave us at 7 to 8 weeks and are vet checked and microchipped with their first vaccination and 4 weeks insurance. 


You are welcome to visit your puppy each week if we are free.


£100 deposit is payable on the day of your visit should you be happy to proceed.


The deposit ensures a commitment from us to provide you with a puppy that fits your preference. In return, we expect a commitment from you that you will not look for s puppy elsewhere. If we cannot supply a puppy within your preferred time frame or to your preference, then will will refund your deposit.


Please call us we will give you as much time you need on your call. If you would like us to call you back we can do that to. The Best Number to get a quick response is 07843263573. You can text us or whats app us you number and we will call you back




Kind regards 


Louis & Francesca 


Please read the information below. Please fill out the form and you will be added to our list. Your position will be held in date order until you visit us. If at that point we're happy with you and your with us. A deposit of £100 would be due. You will be given a position on the list and your preferences noted.

The day you choose your puppy at 4 weeks a further deposit of £400 will be due.


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