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Hampshire Labradoodles

Decisions & Thoughts



You should initially decide on the rules before bringing your puppy home for the first time. Where do you intend to put the puppy’s bed? Where will the puppy stay when you have to go out without him/her? What times will you feed your puppy? Will he be allowed on the bed or furniture? How will you toilet train? Paper, crate, or observation? Decide on your methods and stick to the same routine.

Try and visualise your expectations but remember, though a puppy grows mentally and physically much faster than a human child, it will still only a puppy for several months. Your expectations, attitude and behaviour should always take this into account. Dogs don't understand occasionally, only yes and no. Whatever you decide apply the rules from the very start and stick to them. Consistency is the key.




Expose your puppy to as much as possible, other animals, visitors, children, travelling, hoovering, bangs and clatters, in other words everyday life. Remember they are dogs not children treat them as the pack animal they are and you will find them far more responsive.

They are not toys to be picked up or dragged around, or constantly bothered by children and adults. Give your puppy some quiet time and respect and it will return it tenfold.

Before you buy any dog make sure you are not just buying it because you like the look of it. Analyze your working and household arrangements; do you want a "guard dog" or lap dog? Think long and hard before you commit yourself to between ten and fifteen years with the dog of your dreams, or it may just turn out to be a nightmare. We all know a dog is for life not just for Christmas, but is also not for any other time of the year if you are just buying on impulse.

Having said that a dog is a joy, a companion that cannot be equalled, it will become an integral part of your family and your entire life. Your whole perspective will change, and your dog will adore, love and cherish you, like nothing else on Earth.