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Hampshire Labradoodles

We were lucky enough to become a proud owner of one of Hampshire Labradoodles puppy's

Isla on 24/05/14.

My son Jake has special needs and has social and communication difficulties , but Isla has had an amazing effect on him which has been a joy to see.

Isla had settled in amazingly and we all loved her dearly from the moment she came home!


Then disaster happened on 13/07/14 when Isla got her paws on the chive plant in our garden and ate the whole plant, soil and bulbs!

Later in the middle of the night Isla suffered severe vomiting and diaerrea and became very listless.

I called the emergency vet and we took her in thinking it was just an upset tummy.

The vet made a call to the national poison unit to check if the chive plant had played some part.

It soon became clear by the look on the vets face it had and that Isla was very poorly.


Isla was treated for poisoning and stayed for three night and a day.

She continued to have daily blood test for five days as the chives had caused changes to her red blood cells (explode actually) leading to anaemia.


Isla was very very lucky as she had quick treatment and the vet who initially dismissed the chives as a possible reason for her sickness had sought a second opinion and this helped ensure she had the correct treatment.


I asked Louis to post this on his web page as I had no idea that chives could be so dangerous to Dogs and don't want another family to go through the week we had praying Isla would come home again.


Isla's blood count is now within normal limits and she will make a full recovery.

Looking at her now it's hard to believe how unwell she was and the only thing that shows she has been in hospital is her shaved legs,neck and bottom from all the lines she had in during treatment.


We have now double checked every plant in our garden and we know it's now Puppy safe.

Jake is so happy to have her home as our we, and little Isla is now allowed in the garden!


Vanessa,Tim and Jake Jones



33Resent Pics Labradoodles

Isla & Chives

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We are so happy Isla is better

Love Louis & Francesca.

We will do our best to make people aware of toxic food for dogs


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