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Hampshire Labradoodles


Puppies 2014


If you can offer a Labradoodle a “Forever Home” then please talk to Louis and Fran at Hampshire Labradoodles. After our initial chat with Louis there was no doubt in our minds that we had found the right breeder.  Nothing was too much trouble for Louis and Fran, lots of photos of previous litters and information followed and they welcomed our bombardment of questions over the following weeks.

Unfortunately my husband has become very ill and we weren’t sure if we could proceed with our much wanted pup, to be a companion to our 5 year old labradoodle Bonnie.  We decided that normality in the house for my husband and children was very important so we discussed with Louis and Fran the options of still having our pup.  Their support was incredible, not only did we find the perfect breeder, we also found good loyal friends.

The pups were born and through the brilliance of “WhatsApp” not only could we see how the pups were progressing, we could also chat to other potential owners and offer advice and guidance.  Louis and Fran regularly posted updates of the pups including video’s, photos and details of their weights, coats and colours.

Louis and Fran’s dedication to mom and the pups is wonderful, giving round the clock care and feeds where necessary. We had 100% reassurance that the pups were getting the best start in life before they went to their new homes. The pups are socialised brilliantly and toilet trained. After choosing our pup we could even watch her and her brothers and sisters on a live webcam.  It was lovely watching them play, eat and sleep. Our pup is called Bella and she could even “Give Paw” at 6 weeks, I was very impressed!

We would like to thank Louis, Fran and Sophie for the love and dedication you have given to the pups, giving them the best start.  We would also like to thank you for your tremendous support through difficult and exciting times, your hospitality and welcoming us.

Louise, Michael, Thomas, James and Eleanor






Hampshire Labradoodles should provide the benchmark for all breeders.  Buying a puppy from Louis and Fran is not a transaction, it's an all round experience.  


Searching the internet for hours, staring at adverts with blurred photos of puppies from questionable breeders, coming across Hampshire Labradoodles's web page was like a breath of fresh air.  I immediately called Louis and embarked on a thoroughly enjoyable journey from a vague interest in dog ownership to the proud owner of a Hampshire Labradoodle puppy.   And I am proud, immensely proud, as I feel we are very lucky to have one of their puppies.


Every contact I have had with Louis has been friendly, informative and professional.  We have been kept informed of events from the moment she was born and encouraged to visit as often as possible.  From four weeks we have been able to watch her, via a webcam, interact with her brothers and sisters in their very own, specially designed, puppy house.  It's such a thrill to be able to see her at anytime of the day.


Not only have we made friends with Louis and Fran, their clever use of What's App has brought us together with all those buying Tiggy's siblings.  Each day this forum is full of fun messages, videos and photographs, discussing the puppies progress and antics.  We have also been put in contact with the owners of older puppies (from previous litters) allowing us to ask questions and seek advice preparing us for the weeks to come.  In fact, every effort has been made to ensure we are happy and educated about our decision.  


Most importantly though, the  puppies have been exceptionally well cared for with round the clock attention, socialisation and bucket loads of love. Louis and Fran are very experienced breeders and their love for their dogs is obvious in all that they do.  As a result of their approach, I feel fully prepared and content in the knowledge that Tiggy has had the very best start in life.


I can't thank you both enough as I know without you, I'd still be staring at online puppy adverts. Instead, I'm writing this testimonial, full of excitement, as we wait to bring Tiggy home.  




Review, November 2014.


On reading all these glowing reviews you may think it sounds a little too good to be true, I certainly did! But believe me when I say that I simply do not think you would find more passionate, helpful, friendly breeders than Louis and Fran.

I'd been looking a little while for a suitable puppy and after the first phone call had no doubt that I'd found her.


With the webcam and the What's App you feel like you know the puppies from the moment they are born. They are very contactable and will keep you updated with information, photos and videos.


We collect Ruby next week and I am confident that we will bring home a happy, healthy, well socialised puppy. Oh, and take a look at the photo gallery, the puppies are simply stunning.

If you're on this page looking for a Labradoodle, pick up the phone and give them a call, best phone call I made this year!


I will update this review once Ruby has been home with us for a few weeks.


Tracy, Phil, Tommy and Eddie. Ruby's new family.





If you're looking for a bundle of joy in the form of a gorgeous labradoodle, then look no further than Louis and Fran.


From the first moment we spoke with them we were hooked, and after meeting Louis and Fran for the first time, we knew we were going to be in safe hands.


What really sets them apart is the time they invest in each and every person looking to have a puppy: from meeting their family of beautiful dogs,

through to spending time chatting through questions and personal requirements.


Once the puppies were born, the level of care and detail Louis and Fran go to on a daily basis is just amazing. We personally loved being able to watch the puppies sleep, eat and play on the webcam and the regular picture updates we were sent, so we could see our puppy grow and change, were brilliant. Essentially, the transparency in their care of the puppies really makes you feel confident that your puppy has had the best start to life possible.  The process also highlighted just how much Louis and Fran really do care.


As first time puppy parents, it was also very helpful to be able to ask questions as we prepared for our puppy to come home. Knowing they're at the end of the phone should we ever need to ask a question further down the line, offered us an additional layer of reassurance that we were grateful to have.


In a nutshell, Louis had made out doggie dreams come true!


Clare and Alex Woodford




If you DO NOT want to be kept informed every step of your journey when purchasing your puppy from pregnancy through to picking up your puppy and beyond, being sent photos and videos regularly so you can track the progress of the puppies, and you DON'T wish to be made welcome to come and visit as often as you like and have people you can talk to whenever you like to get advice and guidance to help you through the process of buying your puppy and all you want is to turn up pick a puppy and go home as if you were going to your local supermarket, then PLEASE DO NOT buy a puppy from Louis and Fran because this is exactly the service that they provide. They give this service because they are both passionate about what they do.

It is possible that you have read through all of the recommendations and think they are to good to be true and have been written by friends, well in a way they have as by the time you pick your puppy up I can assure you, you will be friends with them. If you are still unsure and would like to talk more personally about our journey during the time we got Poppy(our puppy) I will put my email address at the end so you can contact me. This is a very important decisions that you are making and it is my belief you will not get better than Louis and Fran.

Andy, Sandy and Puppy Poppy




Myself and my partner decided that we wanted a labradoodle so we contacted Fran and Louis they were very helpful. We visited them at their home and saw how much they were passionate about their dogs and the new puppies in their care

We now are waiting for our two boys Ronnie and Reggie to come home with us. We know that our boys have had a good start to their lives as we have visited them on numerous occasions and we have had regular updates on their progression by photos and being able to watch them play by watching on the webcam that they set up for us.

I think that not only as breeders Fran and Louis are lovely people and are very caring and have become friends.

I would highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for a puppy. You could not recieve better from anyone else

Terri and Darren


WOW Hampshire Labradoodles.

Some people may call them fussy and over the top but we call them THE BEST !

From the moment you decide to have one of the puppies you become part of a family.

Louis and Fran's open and honest policy is evident from day one, they put you in touch with previous litter owners and also the buyers from your litter. The website is packed with information, photographs and the famous Puppy Cam ( 24hour access to viewing your puppy from when its born until you take it home.) You will receive daily updates, photographs and videos of the puppies, nothing is too much trouble for these responsible and caring breeders. Thank you for selecting us to have one of your puppies.

The Herbert Family.

Jackie, Ray, Rachael and Crumble x  


  We spent hours searching the internet looking for a suitable breeder that we felt that we would be able to trust with looking after the newest addition to our family in the first weeks of its life as well as ensuring that it wasn’t just a puppy farm that are unfortunately so common these days. If you’re reading this then just stop looking any further because Louis & Fran exceed all expectations! They are simply the most caring and passionate people I have ever met. My wife spent a considerable amount of time on the phone to them even before we decided we wanted to go ahead with putting our name down for a puppy. Undoubtedly Louis & Fran want to ensure that the puppies go to a home that will continue the simply exceptional start that they give their puppies. We have a son with special needs so it was important to us that we were happy that the breeders did everything they claim they did. Well Louis & Fran do much much more than they put on their website from updates whilst Noodles was pregnant, the amazing webcam that allows you to watch the puppies grow from strength to strength 24/7 to the whatsapp groups that include all of the other people that are taking a puppy from the same litter the service they provide is simply out of this world (beware if you join the whatsapp group you will be buried in updates, photos (over 900 I think was the last count) and videos (over 100!)). They invite you into their home so that you can choose your puppy and make you feel totally at ease and are always there for any help or advice that you may have. The whatsapp groups are great for getting advice from previous litters owners. We are currently t minus 7 days before we pick up our puppy and we simply cannot wait.


I could go on and on and tell you anecdotes of things relating to our litter that goes above and beyond the call of duty but I would be here for hours if that was the case. Simply if there was a rating system for breeders out of 100 Louis and Fran would have a score of 200!! Simply the most loving and caring people I have had the pleasure to meet, nothing is too much trouble.


I will update this recommendation after we have had our puppy, Bodhi, at home with us for a while.


Thank you so much Louis & Fran for everything you have done so far you are truly some of life’s special people.


Brent, Jo, Zak & Ella Blondel





After looking for a pup for six months we were so lucky to come across Hampshire labradoodles on the internet. We rang them to see what kind of people they were, that first phone call must of lasted 45 minetes Louie was so helpfull in answering all our questions we were looking for a specific colour of labradoodle Louie was so truthfull with us and agreed to put us on two sets of waiting lists just so we would get the puppy we wanted. There was no hard selling from Louie he really does want what's best for the owners and the pups we waited 3 months for the first litter to be born we spoke to Louie a few times during this wait on the day they were born we received regular updates via whatsapp Louie informed us a dark curly boy had been born. Day 2 came with loads and loads of pictures as soon as we see the dark curly boy we fell in love and named him Ralphy we rang Louie and told him of our desision we were first on the list for a boy.every day there was pictures and chats via whatsapp and phones it was brilliant we have watched our boy grow daily and if we had questions Louie would answer whatsapp is brilliant as we got to know all the other puppy owners aswell . Ralphy's sister Tiny  was born she was so ill Louie would ring us and be close to tears we watched him battle to save her and he did,every day he wet above and beyond what I would expect from anyone he involved the whole group and we all fell in love with her .we are all so pleased for him he saved that little dogs life there's no question about that . I know that Ralphy has been loved for every minete of his life Louie and fran even their daughter Sophie take great care of them I couldn't ask for anymore. We went to see Ralphy and was greeted with such kindness and warmth the house is spotless as was all the pups and dogs that we met. We are just waiting now to bring Ralphy home it's great to be able to watch them 24 hours a day on the webcam I'm constantly glued to my iPad. Louie and the family take great pride in their pups they are crate trained, pad trained , bathed and socialised with people ,kids and other dogs. I honestly believe that we have had the best breeder we could have ever found in Hampshire labradoodles I will never go anywhere else to get another puppy. If you are thinking about buying a labradoodle then think no more this is the place to get one.



After looking for a labradoodle for two years we were so lucky to come across Louis and Fran. Each puppy is treated like one of the family and Louis and Fran were so good in giving up their weekends for us to visit the puppies. The puppies are spoilt with their own play pen with lots of toys to keep them engaged. Owners have access to webcam and regular whatsapp updates which allows you to see both their personalities and little bodies grow. We would recommend them to anyone interested in a well socialised and looked after labradoodle puppy.Marie




If you are considering welcoming a gorgeous Labradoodle puppy into your family then make sure you talk to Louis and Fran at Hampshire Labradoodles.

After speaking to many breeders I chose Louis and Fran even though I live five counties away! I made the correct choie, they've been absolutely fabulous from day one.

ouis was friendly, knowledgeable and patient during our first phone call, it was then I knew these were passionately dedicated people who cared and loved their dogs. I was instantly happy and at ease to deal with them.

As future puppy owners you have daily updates via 'whatsapp' and from 4 weeks the puppies' have their very own web-cam

Louis and Fran have been extremely patient and helpful, especially with my two children when it came to 'choosing day'. A genuine natural skill that again underlines the benefit of dealing with Louis and Fran.


Carolyn x


Here's our recommendation for you;


We can't recommend Louis & Fran highly enough. We spent months researching labradoodles and looking for a breeder with good recommendations & who we could trust. From our my first phone call with Louis I knew he was someone who clearly knows his stuff & loves his dogs.

We were so excited when Louis called weeks later to let us know the puppies had been born, & we were even more excited when we got loads of lovely photos & videos of them with Noodles that day!

Louis & Fran have been amazing at keeping us up to date and sending us all brilliant photos & hilarious videos of the gorgeous puppies! They have answered all our questions and given us so many helpful tips & advice. It was obvious from day one that they put their all into looking after their beautiful dogs & ensuring they're all clean, healthy & well socialised.

I think everyone from this group of puppies knows how amazingly hard Louis worked to save little Tiny's life & how well she's done with all Louis care since!

Thankyou for making our experience so brilliant so far, we love watching Betty with her brothers & sisters on the webcam & can't wait to bring her home!


Vicky & Dave Cruttenden


I'm hopeless at writing recommendations, but you definitely deserve one for the way you have brought up Noodles pups and integrated all us prospective puppy parents into the process so that we feel part of it all from the day they were born, rather than at 7 weeks when we actually take our pup home.


WhatsApp is simply a brilliant way to keep us all constantly informed about the pups with your daily pictures and video clips.  And then with the webcam we can see them each day ourselves and it's apparent how well they are looked after, and how much you love raising these pups.


I can't wait to pick little Elsa up in just over a week and a half, and would have no hesitation in recommending you to any future prospective puppy owner.  I feel privileged and lucky to have pick you as my breeder.




After literally years of research and waiting for the right time to bring a dog into our family, we found Hampshire Labradoodles, and we consider ourselves sooo lucky that we did! When I contacted Louis and Fran a couple of years ago for more information I was surprised at the time that I was given (literally hours) to have all of my questions answered. Louis was totally honest, friendly and kind from the get go. I NEVER questioned whether I could phone them up about anything and never felt like I was pressured either. It was surprising how many other breeders tried to push a dog on us! It was obvious how much they cared for their dogs and puppies. We were invited down to come and visit their dogs before even going on a puppy list. We knew we had to go with Hampshire Labradoodles! When the time was right Louis helped to guide me to the right litter based on all sorts of factors. We are now 2 weeks from bringing our puppy, Willow, home and feel so prepared to do this. The support from Louis and Fran has been incredible! We have received Round the clock support, photos, videos, and information! The whatsapp group has been awesome! It's been lovely watching Willow grow and you can see how much love and care each puppy receives! Not to mention Willow is already a wiz at pad training thanks to you!! Yes!!! :) Thank you so much to Louis, Fran and family for your tireless support and work to keep our little Willow happy and healthy and for making this journey so rewarding, reassuring, and fun! We feel like we have made a friend in you and will definitely keep you in our lives! Can't wait to have Willow home and watch her grow into the beautiful dog we know she will be! Love, The Athertons xx



I came across Hampshire Labrodoodle by chance after contacting serval other breeders.

As my son has special needs and health issues I needed to feel I could trust the breeder and feel confident that our puppy would be coming from a loving and professional breeder.

After my first phone call with Louis and Fran I felt confident that they were as keen as me to ensure we would have a puppy that would suit my sons needs and our family as a whole.


It soon became very clear that Fran and Louis are exceptional breeders who have a wealth of knowledge and experience of Labradoodles and clearly love this breed of dog.


They kept us informed of Moe's progress, as her pregnancy developed and were always on hand to answer any questions or advice if needed.


When the puppy's arrived they posted photos and videos which really helped my son to feel part of the process.


We were positively encouraged to meet Moe as soon as we could which gave us an idea of what kind of temperament our puppy might have.

We also got to meet all the other dogs which was amazing, they are all clearly part of the family and reassured us even more that we had struck gold with Fran and Louis.


At our first meeting of the puppy's we feel in love with little Isla.

Louis had already said he felt she would be a good choice for our family but the decision was my sons who chose her not knowing this.

We all agree she will be the perfect choice for our family and love getting the daily photos and videos.

It's been great to also have contact with the other family's having the rest of the litter and watching all there attics on the web cam.  


I cannot recommend Hampshire Labradoodles enough the puppy's are part of a family and as such socialised from day one in a busy household full of love.


Vanessa,Tim and Jake Jones



(Isla new 'parents'!)


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Hi Louis!


So hear are some words for a recommendation.... hope its ok!  Feel free to chop it about as you wish, typical me got a bit carried away so it may be a bit too long!! but its all true and I could go on some more if you want!! :-) .................



If you are reading this then you are probably looking for a Labradoodle but trying to find the right place for your new puppy to come from........... relax, you have found that place!!  

I honestly don't think there can be any breeders out there that would give as much as Fran and Louis do throughout this whole process.  Even before we committed to a puppy Louis gave up literally hours talking to us on the phone to make sure he could point us in the right puppy direction.  Then once we were on the list and the puppies were born he again spent ages making sure of what our, and the other prospective puppy owners wants and wishes were so he could make sure everyone was happy.  

Fran and Louis are so friendly, warm and welcoming.  Nothing seems to be too much trouble for them.  They are there if you have any questions or need any advice.  We are always made to feel completely welcome and unhurried when we go to visit the puppies (and we are invited to do this as much as we would like..... what a treat!).  Louis is constantly sending updated pictures and videos of the pups and the puppycam that Louis sets up at 4 weeks is great....... everything about this journey has made us feel so involved in the pups from day 1, it is a privilege to have such amazing people as the breeders of our pup.

We also know 100% that our puppy is having a fantastic and loving start to its life. being a central part of their family home, being given attention and affection every day, playing with the other dogs, and having so much fun playing together in their fantastic puppy area!

We feel incredibly lucky to be getting our puppy from here.  Fran, Louis and their daughter Sophie simply go above and beyond.

Getting a puppy is an incredibly exciting thing just in itself but there is no question that getting our puppy from Hampshire Labradoodles has made this experience the most joyful, reassuring, exciting and involved one we could of dreamt it could be.


Thank you Fran, Louis, Sophie, Moe, LuLu, The rest of the doggy crew, and of course the puppies.... Especially Crumble!

(Crumbe's new 'parents'!)








Hi Louis,


We'd just like to say how much we have enjoyed our experience of getting a puppy from you so far - it's only a couple of weeks until he moves in with us and we can't wait! We weren't sure what to expect from a breeder, but it's been such a pleasure, we wouldn't hesitate to recommend you to anyone.


You both clearly love the dogs, and the atmosphere that they are living in is great. They all seem so happy and settled, and that makes us feel confident that our puppy is getting off to the best possible start in life. We love that the puppies are so involved in your family, in the house and being handled all the time, and they are clearly given everything they could possibly need, from the fabulous playpen to good food and a loving, domestic environment. We still talk about one of your first messages saying you'd been up since some crazy hour roasting a chicken for Moe as she was hungry!


We were pleasantly surprised at the amount of, and quality of, pictures and videos of the puppies, as well as daily updates on how they are getting on - and of course the webcam! There have been many requests for pictures or videos of particular puppies, and they have always been provided, which is so lovely when you just want to know your pup is doing ok. You & Fran have always been very welcoming whenever we have wanted to visit, and we've never felt rushed or in the way. We feel that we've been closely involved with our puppy from the minute he was born and that has really helped with engaging our children who are at fever pitch now!


From a practical point of view, we feel well informed and prepared for the puppy's homecoming, and we've had some great tips. It's been brilliant for us to know that we can ask a question, however silly it may seem, and get a useful answer pretty much straight away, which is particularly good for us as we are first time dog owners. It's also been nice to be involved with the other puppy owners, sharing tips and advice, and it's given us a real sense of community.


All told, a fabulous experience, and we cannot wait to get our puppy home - we are also looking forward to keeping in touch with you, Fran and the rest of the group to let you know how he's getting on :)


Susie & Phil (Vernon's new 'parents'!)





I couldn't recommend Louis and Fran highly enough. They are not just the breeders of my puppy. They have become true friends. Kind, caring people who love their dogs. They go above and beyond what is required of them. They have kept in touch from the moment the puppies were born with constant photos, videos and later the webcam. You wouldn't get this from any other breeders. Thanks Louis and Fran for all you have done and for bringing my gorgeous puppy Jesse into my life. You are amazing people.


(Jesse"s new 'parents'!)

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