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I would like to start by saying a huge thank you to Louis and Fran, after much deliberation and a lot of discussion we decided it was time to add a new member to our family, after searching the Internet the only website that stood out to us with all of its gorgeous photos and masses of information was Hampshire Labradoodles, and we sure are glad it did!

From the initial meeting with Louis and Fran right through to taking Albie home they have been like family to us. They have made us feel extremely comfortable from the beginning and it's been fantastic having weekly visits being able to watch Albie grow and for our 4 year old daughter to be so hands on, also seeing Louis and Fran in their home environment with their own dogs (who are all absolutely gorgeous) definitely relaxes you knowing that they are coming from a very much loving family.

A massive plus to the whole experience has been the whatsapp group I have been a part of, it's been so great getting to know all of the other owners in the same position as us being able to share information and excitement together, and the added bonus of being able to watch your puppy on the live webcam 24/7 is amazing!

I just cannot praise and thank you enough and anybody who is thinking of adding a labradoodle to their family don't think twice-Hampshire Labradoodles all way!!!

Kyleigh, mike and Lola xx


Louis & Fran,

Where do I start, it is 3 days until I collect my little Noah and I am beyond excitement.

My boyfriend and I have been talking about getting a puppy for a long time and following hours and hours of research online it was agreed that a Labradoodle was the dog for us. They are bright dogs which makes them easier to train, with a great temperament and let's admit they are the adorable to look at.

Once we agreed on the breed research began on finding the right puppy and breeder. I looked at website after website trying to get get as much information as possible as I can get a bit carried away with my research when I am excited about something.

Following a surprise that my boyfriend was getting me a puppy for my birthday I stepped up my research and started to contact some breeders by email and I have to say I started to feel a bit deflated as I felt like a bit of an inconvenience for asking questions. Then I came across the Hampshire Labradoodle website and it all changed.

I send Louis an email and within 30 minutes he was calling me...I was surprised at first but after chatting with Louis for almost an hour I got off the phone knowing so much more about the breed and knowing I had found the right breeder for me.

I can remember spending hours looking through the photos on the website and reading recommendations and thinking it all seemed too good to be true and maybe a bit of an exaggeration but that could not have been further from the truth, if anything the website do not boost enough about the wonderful job Louis and Fran do.

I live in Belfast and had a long weekend in England planned a few weeks after my initial call to Louis so arranged to make the journey down to visit. It helped reassure me that I was not just getting carried away, Louis and Fran were so welcoming and let us meet all their dogs. It was an amazing afternoon and l left the house beaming.

Louis & Fran had explained during the visit that they had whatsapp groups for previous litters and agreed to add me into the groups so that I could see some of their pups and also help me gain more knowledge about the dogs.

I can still remember Louis calling me the night my little Noah was born to tell me the great news, I was getting a puppy! I was so excited but I did not know how involved I would be in the whole process, that night there was pics uploaded of all 13 puppies and all 13 owners began to chat and almost 7 weeks later we have not stopped. There has been constant chat, support and advice from all and it is great to speak with other people that are just as excited as me. It has probably saved friends and family hours of listening to me debate which collar to buy etc. There are new pics and videos uploaded onto whatsapp almost daily which has just added to the excitement of getting a puppy.

After a week there was 2 webcams set up so that we could all view the puppies whenever we wanted. I have to say my life became more excited at that point as I was constantly checking what the pups were doing.

Not only do I feel so much more prepared to take my puppy home but I know him as I have watched him daily on the videos and webcam. I think this will only help him settle into our home even quicker.

I really can not praise Louis and Fran enough, I can be a perfectionist about things and there are times I am disappointed when things don't met my expectations but I have to say Louis and Fran have exceeded every expectation I could ever have from a breeder.

I have seen Louis playing with the puppies at 6am, I have seen Fran cleaning the puppy pen at 1am. They constantly have visitors which means the puppies are more socialised than I could have imagined.

I could keep typing but have probably talked too much already.

I just can't wait to get my adorable boy home and share all our puppy stories with the other 12 new owners over the coming years and hearing their stories in return.

Thank you so much for giving my pup the best start in life xx




Where to start?!? I can honestly say choosing Fran and Louis to get our puppy from was the best decision! From the very first visit, we were welcomed into their home to meet their beautiful, gentle Labradoodles and we were sold straight away. Then from the the moment the puppies were born we were kept up to date with all the developments and we were able to visit them as much as we could. Invaluable advice, gorgeous photos and videos are all great reasons to choose a puppy from Fran and Louis, but I think the thing that struck me most is the genuine love and dedication they both have for each and every pup!!! I feel so lucky that my little puppy, Charlie, has had such an amazing start in life. Thank you so much Fran and Louis!!

I hope this is ok! I really mean it. I can't thank you enough!!!

Lisa and James


Here goes.


I would recommend Louis and Fran as breeders as they take the time to get to know you and what you are looking for rather than just selling any puppy to you.


We have not received ours yet but that is because we are waiting to see if we can get one with a particular type of coat but the fact that Louis and Fran are taking this into consideration is wonderful.


Our daughter has been desperate for a dog and so we kept it as a surprise when we all went to see Fran, Louis and the dogs and we spent ages there just meeting Lulu, Bella and all the others. It was lovely not to be rushed and again I came away with the reassurance that they knew their dogs and what we were looking for and it would all work it.


Whilst we have been waiting I've been getting lots of top tips from the Whatapp group so have been making a note of these for future and our whole family can't wait for the time when our little puppy arrives.


Pamela Davey


We cannot recommend Louis and Fran at Hampshire Labradoodles highly enough!  What a wonderful experience we have had from our first look at their website and the initial conversation with Louis - you can tell from that first contact how passionate Louis and Fran are about their dogs and they are amazing x

We live up in Northumberland, so it was a long way for us to travel for a puppy, but there was never anyone else we really considered going to.  Louis and Fran are so much more than breeders.  The term breeders doesn't go any where near describing what they do.  Louis and Fran bring beautiful puppies into the world and hold on to them until they find the right forever families for the pups.  

Our little bundle of joy, Flynn, was one of 13 puppies in a litter from the beautiful Maisie and Ludo.  With such a huge litter, Louis and Fran supported Maisie and the puppies with hand feeding and without their love, care and dedication the puppies would not have thrived the way they have.

Louis' innovative use of social media, in particular the WhatsApp groups he creates for each litter of puppies is just amazing!  This puts you in touch with other people waiting for a puppy but also with other owners of puppies from previous litters.  This has been a really great way to keep in touch with everyone, get updates on pregnancy, births and progress of the puppies, and also more experienced owners are sharing fabulous tips with you.

We have had over 2,500 images in our WhatsApp group - so've we've seen the puppies grow and develop day by day.  The puppy pen also has 24 hour webcam, so you can see your puppy anytime.  

We couldn't imaging getting a pup from anyone else - the puppies really are part of Louis and Fran's family until they come to their new homes.

We wouldn't hesitate in recommending Hampshire Labradoodles to anyone thinking of getting one of these beautiful, intelligent, amazing dogs.  Louis and Fran have made the whole experience of getting a new puppy so wonderful for us.   Thank you Louis and Fran!   Lots of love from Sharon, Richard, Lauren and Ellie Baines x



If you are looking to add a Labrourdoodle to your family you should look no further.


Louis and Fran were so welcoming on our first visit that our family were smitten with the prospect of owning a Labrourdoodle.Our eldest son has alway been very frighted of dogs but Louis and Fran have certainly helped him over come this.


Once the puppies were born we were always welcome to visit them and get invaluable tips and advise from Louis and Fran.The what's app chat group was wonderful and gave a real sense of involvement in the puppies lives.


When our little puppy came home she settled in very well and we were amazed how advanced her toilet training was and that she slept through the night (better than our boys at that age). This is testament to how Louis and Fran raise the pups.


Our vet commented on how the pack we received with our puppy was very professional, it contained all relevant information they needed and they said Louis and Fran must be very diligent breeders. Once again we can't reiterate enough what a lovely experience it has been getting a pup from Hampshire  Labourdoodles.


Wesley, Kirsty Joshua (7) and  Benjamin (3)



Dear Louis


Please find below our recommendation.


After a very long discussion and an even longer search, we decided on the right breed of dog for us.  Now just to find the right breeder?!!!

well we did, Louis and Fran of HampshireLabradoodles.


They have been wonderful and welcomed us into the Labradoodle family with open arms.  As with any new pet owner to be, we had question after question.  As well as needing to find the right dog for our family, my eldest son has had quite a year and seems to be struggle with his emotions and we felt that a dog would be great for him.  Once again Louis and Fran have been wonderful with this and have spent many an hour chatting to both us and my son.


Our puppy Barnaby is due with us any day now and we have had the most wonderful time watching him grow, right from day 2.  This has all been achieved with the great us of WhatsApp!  We have become part of an even bigger family with both previous owners from past groups and us newbies!!! waiting to hear.  I can't say with more enthusiasm just what a great tool this app has been, allowing us to see up to date photos and videos of our puppies and ask questions of everyone in the group.


We have also had the extra bonus of 'Nanny Pat'.  Pat is Fran's mum and the proud owner of the wonderful Poppy (Barnaby's) mum.  She has done such a great job looking after both Poppy and our new arrivals, putting up with all our visits and yet more questions.

If anyone ever doubted they would never find the right breeder for them, well look no further.

We would like to thank, Louis, Fran and Nanny Pat for all their wonderful support and for our wonderful boy Barnaby.

Sarah, Ryan, Isaac and Dylan. (The Rutlidge family).



I hope this is not too long for you Louis but you have just been so good to us that I wanted to say so much!!!!



See you soon


Sarah Rutlidge


Having lost our oldest dog three years ago, we recently felt it time to to look at finding another dog as company for us and our six year old labradoodle, Mylie.

After some research on the Internet, I came across Louis and Fran at Hampshire Labradoodles and was instantly  drawn to them.

I spoke with Louis shortly afterwards a few times and my husband and I were offered the opportunity to meet them, their dogs and puppies.

I cannot say enough about this wonderful couple and after spending nearly two hours at their home, we were fortunate enough to put on the waiting list for a puppy from a future litter.

Louis and Fran have a wonderful set up and before we had even met, I was offered the opportunity to be added to the Whats App chat group and access to the cameras in the puppy pen.

For the past month or so I have watched constantly the thirteen puppies growing, feeding and now ready to leave for their new homes.

It is a fantastic set up and the openness and the ability to access in such a way is unique and something I have never seen before.

I cannot tell you how excited and pleased I am to be a future owner of one of their beautiful dogs.

My journey is just beginning and it may be a wait, but I know it will be worth it and I have the added comfort of all day access to watch and speak with the groups.

Thank you Louis and Fran for always being their, cannot wait to take one of your pups home with us.






Dedication, fantastic, amazing…these are just some of the words you will use during the first eight weeks of the puppies being born to describe Louis and Fran.

With a 24/7 Webcam link of the puppies and a WattsApp Group for support and advise you really do feel completely immersed in everything puppy!

If you are thinking of buying a Labradoodle for a forever home then please do take the time to visit Louis and Fran, and maybe you to will become a generation of the Hampshire Labradoodles.


Best wishes,

Berdene & Sienna


My daughter and I have been considering a dog to join our family for sometime. After looking at a number of breeders it felt right to go with a local breeder. The advantages of this would be we can pop round and see Mum, watch her tummy grow and see the puppies at an early stage. However, what I didn't realise is that Louis and Fran have various WhatsApp groups for each Mum who is due puppies.


Within these groups are owners of previous puppies as well as 'newbies' who are waiting for a puppy. The knowledge shared between the group is invaluable and questions can be quickly answered and information shared. You also feel reassured that you will always have the group to support you at every stage of your dogs life.


So in fact you don't need to live locally to give one of these beautiful puppies a forever home, with WhatsApp you are every part of the experience no matter where you live. The pregnancy, birth, and first few weeks of the puppies lives will be uploaded in the form of pictures and videos by Louis so you don't miss a second of the excitement.


Berdene Kilbride


From the moment we first met Fran, Louis and their dogs we were sure we wanted to adopt a puppy from them. We trusted their experience and simply fell on love with the girls, as they are stunning and have a lovely temperament.


We are having one of Poppy's boys. Her owner is Patricia, Fran's Mum. On visiting Poppy and the puppies we felt reassured our puppy has been loved, socialised and has enjoyed a perfect homely environment from day one.


Another positive aspect of having a puppy from them is the social networking between breeders and the owners (past and future) via Whatsapp.


This is a valuable tool to see your puppy during their first weeks as Louis will always post lovely photos and videos. Also, it is really helpful to be able to share experiences and advice, as well as making friends and keeping in touch with you puppy's siblings.


We feel very lucky we have found Hampshire Labradoodles and are looking forward to bringing our Tommy home soon.


Mr. and Mrs. Greene




If you are considering welcoming a gorgeous Labradoodle puppy into your family then make sure you talk to Louis and Fran at Hampshire Labradoodles.


After speaking to many breeders I chose Louis and Fran even though I live five counties away! I made the correct choice, they've been absolutely fabulous from day one.


Louis was friendly, knowledgeable and patient during our first phone call, it was then I knew these were passionately dedicated people who cared and loved their dogs. I was instantly happy and at ease to deal with them.


As future puppy owners you have daily updates via 'whatsapp' and from 4 weeks the puppies' have their very own web-cam


Louis and Fran have been extremely patient and helpful, especially with my two children when it came to 'choosing day'. A genuine natural skill that again underlines the benefit of dealing with Louis and Fran.


Carolyn x


Hi Louis,


I'm hopeless at writing recommendations, but you definitely deserve one for the way you have brought up Noodles pups and integrated all us prospective puppy parents into the process so that we feel part of it all from the day they were born, rather than at 7 weeks when we actually take our pup home.


WhatsApp is simply a brilliant way to keep us all constantly informed about the pups with your daily pictures and video clips.  And then with the webcam we can see them each day ourselves and it's apparent how well they are looked after, and how much you love raising these pups.


I can't wait to pick little Elsa up in just over a week and a half, and would have no hesitation in recommending you to any future prospective puppy owner.  I feel privileged and lucky to have pick you as my breeder.




We would highly recommend Hampshire Labradoodles, Fran & Louis are very warm and welcoming and made the whole experience of getting a puppy very enjoyable.

Visiting our puppy before picking him up was never a problem and having regular photos and the live webcam created a bond with Ted before we collected him.

Being able to chat with other owners of the same litter via "Whats App" to share experiences is comforting and reassuring

Rick & Alison


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